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Come see us at Booth 2361 to see the latest in LED lighting products, including the Beacon LED Tower - RER's 2017 Innovation Award winner.

From our award-winning Beacon LED Tower to our patented Beacon360 lights, we have what your customers are looking for in portable lighting.


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Beacon LED Tower

 Available in yellow or black in 4-light head version (shown. LE980LED-T4) or 2-light head version (not shown. LE980LED-T2).

Available in yellow or black in 4-light head version (shown. LE980LED-T4) or 2-light head version (not shown. LE980LED-T2).

The award-winning Lind Equipment Beacon LED tower brings you all the light you've come to expect from traditional 4 x 1000W metal halide light towers, but in a completely unexpected package.  Compact, lightweight, and truly man-portable the Beacon LED Tower can be transported with ease without any compromise in durability and stability. 

All this, and at a price point that is less than half of traditional light towers.

Lind Equipment's high efficiency, high powered LED light panels are the opposite of all of those things.  They use 80% less energy, are incredibly durable, have no bulbs to break, and maintain their light output over time. Also, all Lind Equipment LED lights are warrantied for three years, and rated for 50,000 hours, which means you never have to change a bulb.

In light level tests between the Beacon LED Tower and traditional metal halide light towers using the median light output, the Beacon LED Tower actually put MORE light onto the work area.

There is no reason to compromise.  The Beacon LED Tower gives you all the light you are accustomed to, but in a far superior way

Beacon360 360° LED AREA LIGHT


The Beacon360 is an incredibly bright LED area light that casts light in 360° and upwards, illuminating entire rooms and entire work areas, up to 50' in every direction.  Its 120W of power is bright enough to allow the entire crew to work anywhere in the area with only a fraction of the energy usage of traditional area lighting solutions.  If you are on a remote location, it might even mean that you can drop down a generator size, or drop a generator completely. 

The Beacon360 is durable, rugged, easily transportable and will provide the lighting power you need instantly, every time.  The 50,000 hour rated LED arrays light up immediately on the touch of the switch and will light up instantly upon reset or power restore.  No more waiting fifteen minutes to get back to work after a power outage; that's time that no one has to spare. 

The Beacon360 is incredibly versatile, coming with a wide variety of mounting options.  The 4-8' tripod can raise up to move the light out of eye level while illuminating a greater area.  The powerful magnet mount can attach to structural steel and move easily into place where you need it.  The Beacon360 can even be used upside down, hung from the ceiling with the included eye-bolt. 

Indoors.  Outdoors.  Wherever you need a tough, bright area light, the Beacon360 is there for you.