Turn your old bulb-based light towers in LED towers

Traditional metal-halide bulb-based light towers are everywhere.  There really has been no innovation in the light tower industry aside from incremental increases in generator run time and fuel efficiency.  The generator light tower companies were all designed to sell generators and don't have any incentive to move to truly state-of-the-art LED lighting or else the big generators will be obsolete.  Our Beacon LED Tower was designed by starting with the lights and then working down.  We are a lighting company, and are focused on bringing the best in portable lighting to the toughest workplaces.

We recognize though that you've made a big investment in your existing bulb-based light towers and you'd like to extend their usefulness to you in the post-bulb LED world.  We can help with that.

The light head on the Beacon LED Tower is our LE980LED high-output LED floodlight.  It is used extensively on cranes, in pits, and of course on light towers.  It is designed to put out the same (and over time, more) light output as the traditional 1000W metal halide tower light fixtures, but using 80% less energy.  And, it can be retrofitted onto existing bulb-based tower lights in three quick steps.