Beacon led tower features

The Lind Equipment Beacon LED tower brings you all the light you've come to expect from traditional 4 x 1000W metal halide light towers, but in a completely unexpected package.  Compact, lightweight, and truly man-portable the Beacon LED Tower can be transported with ease without any compromise in durability and stability. 

All this, and at a price point that is less than half of traditional light towers.


unparalleled light output

The Beacon LED Tower is equipped with Lind Equipment high-efficiency large area LED light heads that provide more mean light output than traditional metal halide bulbs, but use 80% less power. 

Traditional light towers run off of 1000W metal halide bulbs.  These bulbs are inefficient, energy wasting, and very fragile.  Additionally, their light output drops off really quickly.  On day 1 they will be quite bright, but soon after will only be 60% of their initial output.

LELtd._Beacon LED Tower Light InfoGraphic.png

Lind Equipment's high efficiency, high powered LED light panels are the opposite of all of those things.  They use 80% less energy, are incredibly durable, have no bulbs to break, and maintain their light output over time. Also, all Lind Equipment LED lights are warrantied for three years, and rated for 50,000 hours, which means you never have to change a bulb.

In light level tests between the Beacon LED Tower and traditional metal halide light towers using the median light output, the Beacon LED Tower actually put MORE light onto the work area.

There is no reason to compromise.  The Beacon LED Tower gives you all the light you are accustomed to, but in a far superior way


multiple power options

LE980LED cabinet.jpg

The high-efficiency LED lights mean that you don't need much to power the Beacon LED Tower.  It can be run off an external power source (two towers can run off a single 15A circuit!), or off a user-supplied small 'suitcase' type generator/inverter.  The two-light LE980LED-T2 requires only 400W of power, and the four-light LE980LED-T4 only 800W of power.  A user-supplied small generator (1000-2000W) can sit safely inside the lockable ventilated housing.  Beacon LED Towers come with an outlet for daisy-chaining multiple units together.

The Beacon LED Tower comes standard with an external fuel tank (inside the cabinet), which supplements the run time of a 2000W generator to about 45 hours.  Whether running off external power or a small generator, the Beacon LED Tower is whisper-quiet, perfect for urban construction or events.


truly man-portable

Since the Beacon LED Tower doesn't need a big generator, it's made to be incredibly portable and versatile.  Weighing just over 300 pounds with the lights, the Beacon LED Tower can be moved by one person, and lifted by a few.  If you don't feel like lifting, the unit has included forklift guides on the chassis, and lifting points on the corners.

Two Beacon LED Towers will fit in the back of a standard-sized pick-up truck, and it is small enough to fit through a doorway.  Finally, a tower light that can move around your jobsite with ease.



The Beacon LED Tower from Lind Equipment is available in two different light levels and two different colors.  All models include the same external fuel tank, robust cart, and man-portable features that make the Beacon LED Tower exceptional. 

Units do not come standard with suitcase generators, but they can be added for an additional cost.

LE980LED-T2 - Two light-head version

LE980LED-T2 - Two light-head version

LE980LED-T4 - Four light-head version

LE980LED-T4 - Four light-head version

Also available in all-black - just add "-B" to the part number

Also available in all-black - just add "-B" to the part number

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